Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you conduct training?

We conduct the SES Course on Stockton Lake in beautiful south west Missouri at the State Park Marina. 

Our Splash 'N' Go events are typically held on Carlyle Lake in Illinois, at the Fish House beach.

Can I bring my family?

Absolutely! Flying Fish is a family business and Stockton Lake is a great place to take a vacation. 

You can even bring someone to ride along on the Splash 'N' Go to share in your adventure! 

Do I need a pilot's license?


To add the SES rating you need a license, private or commercial. It is basically the same checkride for both and focuses on seaplane differences. 

Don't have a complex or high performance endorsement? No problem, we throw that in at no additional cost!

No license is needed for the Splash 'N' Go intro flights. Everyone is welcome. 

What kind of plane do you train in?

Currently we are using a 1979 Cessna A185F we lovingly call Elenore!

She has Wing X wing extensions and is on 

Wip 4000 amphib floats. 

She has a 300 hp Continental IO 520D.

Does the checkride cover anything other than float flying?

Nope! The checkride is over single engine seaplane operations.

Checkride 101 still applies, and should you open the door to standard knowledge areas they are fair game for the examiner. 

Any other questions?

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback we welcome it! Please drop us a line or call. 

Thank you!

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