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Amanda and I believe most people are good and want to do good things. We believe in the need for people to give back to their communities, however they can. I created this page to help spread awareness for organizations in the aviation and seaplane community helping others. 

These are not large corporate charities with grossly paid executives, doing very little with the money raised. No, these are hard working, caring, generous people trying to make a difference every day because they are called to do so.

The money and support they raise directly impacts the lives of those in need in a positive way. 

Please take a moment and see how your time, or financial contribution can help make the world a better place. 


The Holcomb Family & Samaritan Aviation

Samaritan Aviation

220,000 people live along a 700 mile river in Paupa New Guinea called the Sepik River. It is surrounded by a dense jungle with virtually no roads, electricity and little to no access to emergency medical care.

With their two float planes, they provide emergency life flights to the only hospital within 37,000 square miles. Without these life flights, it would take some of these people 5-7 days by way of dugout canoe to get to hospital care! 

Samaritan Aviation can get them there in an hour or less!

Fred & Lydia Holcomb, and their five sons, Isaac, Josiah, Caleb, Gabriel, and Levi, are expected to arrive in Papua New Guinea later this year.

The Holcombs are the newest additions to the Samaritan Aviation family! They first came in contact with SA at Oshkosh Air Venture in 2015 and have stayed in contact ever since. Fred has worked with S.O.A.R. for the past 5 years as a mechanic and airport operations technician. Fred will fill a vital role as part of our aviation staff and will serve as our aircraft Mechanic, keeping our life-saving planes in the air!

Lydia has her BS in Elementary Education and is a stay-at-home mom for their children. Lydia has a huge heart for people and we know she is going to be a huge blessing to the people of PNG!

How you can help

Volunteering for Samaritan Aviation is an unpaid position. All the volunteers  must raise the funds needed to support themselves and their families for the entire time they are in PNG. 

The Holcombs plan to stay in PNG for three years before coming back to the States to visit family and supporters. This means they need to generate quite a bit of support in order to go. 

Because Samaritan Aviation is a small organization, if they are short on staff, or fuel, or parts, or supplies, they can not complete their lifesaving mission. The planes will sit in the hangar and people will die. 

Help Fred and his family live a life of service, and save lives. 


Fred's story

Hey Fred, what made you want to do this?

by Lydia Holcomb

God is amazing...

I'm not sure if you've heard Fred tell the story of how God put mission aviation on his heart (dropped it like a bomb out of the blue) 6 yrs ago, but if you have, you've probably heard him say, "I'm too dumb to be a pilot." He thought God must have the wrong guy. With no aviation background or experience and feeling rather low in confidence, broken and far from God at that time, it just seemed preposterous, and rather impossible, for him to be a guy God wanted to fly airplanes for a mission.

But God loves to take the broken and foolish things and make them into something beautiful and usable for His glory. He takes the seemingly useless and the things that are naught and says... "Just follow me and watch what I'm going to do."

We moved out here to S.O.A.R. purely out of obedience to what God overwhelmingly (and patiently) convinced us was what He wanted us to do, and Fred began his training begging God to help him... because we were either gonna completely fail and flop or God was gonna do this thing.

Well, on Tuesday afternoon this week-- Fred completed the last training and exams for the very last rating which he needed-- his seaplane rating! And can I tell you, he not only passed his exams with confidence and the feeling of being "ahead of the plane" (a really good thing), but both examiners who flew with him (he had two bc his examiner was also being examined by the FAA as Fred flew, adding an extra level "yikes," hah) by the end, were telling Fred he's an excellent pilot and should go for his instructor certification, asking him all about PNG and giving him advice for flying overseas. He finished out that afternoon super encouraged AND a commercial seaplane pilot!!

AND, as if that's not enough-- in God's amazing kindness and goodness, He provided the seaplane training, plane rental and exams Fred needed... for free. All of that would have cost approximately $4,500 but was done free of charge this week, in God's perfect timing, by some incredibly kind individuals with Flying Fish LLC (Chris Hinote, instructor), who got excited about our story and mission and wanted to provide Fred with what he needed in order to fly a seaplane for Samaritan Aviation, for free.

We are in awe... which I feel like I say, a lot! Praise God from whom all blessings flow; praise Him for His kindness; praise Him for His faithfulness; praise Him for His great compassionate plan, for our lives and yours! Praise Him for His ridiculous mercy and grace that would call and use such foolish people in part of His plan for the world. Because He is just good and able to do so. And again, we have to say, as with any part of our journey-- this is not about us (we are just Fools #1 & #2) ---> It is only and ever about the God of the universe and HIS story and what He works out in the lives of people.   Praise His name!

Ps. We learned something else this week:
Fred. loves. flying. seaplanes!  :) What a gift.


Mission Aviation Training

Service Oriented Aviation Readiness

Service Oriented Aviation Readiness (S.O.A.R.) a 501(c)(3), Missouri Non-Profit Corporation, is located in Bolivar, MO at the Bolivar Municipal Airport (M17). The primary purpose of S.O.A.R. is the training and education of aviation mechanics and pilots for mission aviation. Through its curriculum, programs, and supervised-experience training, students are prepared and qualified for the progression of testing and certifications. A distinctive attribute of S.O.A.R. is that the organization leverages an energized local pilot population and community engaged at a municipal airport to help our students continue a “pay-it-forward” philosophy through which many of the previous generation of pilots were taught t




SPA's Mission Statement

The Seaplane Pilots Association's primary focus is to promote safe seaplane operations and to protect our privilege to share our nation's waterways with our recreational, governmental and commercial operators.

Our staff, field directors and members work around the nation to ensure our fair access to water flight. SPA is the only organization in the world solely dedicated to working these issues for seaplane pilots and operators at a local, state and national level. We do this by working with pilots, communities and governing agencies to resolve conflicts and insure fair and equal access through positive outreach, that includes educating policy makers and the public through educational programs and videos so that these decisions can be made from an informed perspective verses ones made on assumptions by those not familiar with seaplanes and seaplane operations.

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