Learning To Fly

Bringing the Adventure of Float Flying to the Mid-West

We at Flying Fish love to share the adventure of float flying with as many people as possible! We believe in educating aviators and non-aviators alike in responsible seaplane operations, rules and regulations of float flying, and of course talking about how seaplanes work. 

We are proud to offer Single Engine Sea add-on ratings and Introductory Splash 'N' Go flights in Missouri and Illinois! 

Single Engine Sea Add-On

We conduct Single Engine Sea add-on ratings in Missouri on the beautiful lakes and rivers near St Louis, in both a 2018 Searey, and 1979 Cessna 185. We also offer the LSA SES Endorsement and Tailwheel Endorsements in the Searey.

The SES course consists of approximately 2 hours of ground instruction and 5-6 hours of flight training. 

If you don't already have them, we offer High Performance and Complex Endorsements as part of the SES course in our Cessna 185. 

The course cost is $200 per hour for the Searey, or $350 per hour for the C-185. The examiner's fee is $400. 

Upcoming Events

Splash 'N' Go

Not ready to pull the trigger on adding a rating? Or maybe you are not yet a pilot... 

We host Splash 'N' Go events to broaden awareness and introduce would be float pilots to the joys of water flying! 

You can purchase an introductory flight in our new Searey for as little as $100! 

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Dual Instruction

Already rated? We offer dual instruction in our plane or yours! Call to schedule.

Make a Splash and call today!

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