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No Limits Flying Club


  • Non-Equity Club, so no buy in or shares to sell later
  • Free SES LSA Endorsement included in solo checkout (This endorsement can be added to any level license LSA-ATP to allow operation of the Searey)
  • Free Tailwheel Endorsement included in solo checkout
  • Reduced rate Dual Instruction during 15 hr insurance checkout 
  • Ability to SOLO a seaplane!
  • Easy to use shared calendar for scheduling
  • $1M liability insurance with $100k per person limit included in dues

The Aircraft

2017 Progressive Aerodine Searey

  • Certified LSA
  • Go anywhere Amphibian
  • 1430 lb max gross
  • 450 lb useful load
  • 23 gal fuel 
  • 472' takeoff from water

Key Features

  • Puncture resistant fiberglass or carbonfiber hull
  • Low CG makes it very stable on the water
  • Ultra reliable Rotax 912 100 hp engine
  • Sportcar-like  handling on the water and in the air

The Cockpit

  • Basic seaplane 3 pack instruments
  • Nav/Com
  • Garmin 796 
  • ADSB in/out
  • Electric trim
  • Dual controls
  • Single brake lever
  • Single lever engine control
  • Audible gear warning system
  • Electric flaps
  • Cockpit heater

Cost of Membership

$150 per Month Dues

  • Dues offset the cost of insurance 
  • Maintain Club infrastructure

$125 per Hour Wet Rental

  • Wet rate includes all fuel and maintenance cost

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Additional Information

We started the No Limits Flying Club to share our love of seaplanes with as many people as possible. Realizing seaplane rental was not readily available we first determined why, and then created a plan that addressed each causal factor. Our No Limits Flying Club is the first truly accessible seaplane rental program on the market.

Our goal is to create an international network of Club locations, utilizing the same model aircraft, with uniform policies, single point schedule, accounting, and training software, creating a consistent member experience. 

We plan to build this network with Affiliates, local entrepreneurs, and owners of our No Limits model Searey. We provide the Affiliates with everything they need to succeed:

  • Aircraft (at our prenegotiated fleet rate)
  • Nationwide advertising campaign
  • Membership recruitment
  • Technical support
  • Access to insurance
  • Club guarantees the deductible to the Affiliate 
  • Online schedule platform
  • Online training records
  • Online accounting 

Best of all, the local Affiliate will set their own rental rates. The Affiliate gets the rental and instruction income, the Club gets the membership dues. We do not make money off the Affiliates. 

Open your location

If you are ready to work out the details of your new Affiliate location, please call or email us today. We will generate a detailed Prospectus, complete with cost structure and projected income, and a timeline for standing up your very own No Limits Flying Club location!

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