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No Limits Flying Club


  • Non-Equity Club, so no buy in or shares to sell later
  • Free SES LSA Endorsement included in solo checkout (This endorsement can be added to any level license LSA-ATP to allow operation of the Searey)
  • Free Tailwheel Endorsement included in solo checkout
  • Reduced rate Dual Instruction during 15 hr insurance checkout 
  • Ability to SOLO a seaplane!
  • Easy to use shared calendar for scheduling
  • $1M liability insurance with $100k per person limit included in dues

The Aircraft

2017 Progressive Aerodine Searey

  • Certified LSA
  • Go anywhere Amphibian
  • 1430 lb max gross
  • 450 lb useful load
  • 23 gal fuel 
  • 472' takeoff from water

Key Features

  • Puncture resistant fiberglass or carbonfiber hull
  • Low CG makes it very stable on the water
  • Ultra reliable Rotax 912 100 hp engine
  • Sportcar-like  handling on the water and in the air

The Cockpit

  • Basic seaplane 3 pack instruments
  • Nav/Com
  • Garmin 796 not shown in this aircraft
  • ADSB in/out
  • Electric trim
  • Dual controls
  • Single brake lever
  • Single lever engine control
  • Audible gear warning system
  • Electric flaps

Cost of Membership

$150 per Month Dues

  • Dues help offset the cost of insurance and fixed cost keeping the hourly rate low
  • Check out the Power Point for info on deals

$125 per Hour Wet Rental

  • Wet rate includes all fuel and maintenance cost