On July 18, 2015 Flying Fish established an elite school for the top one percent of pilots. It's purpose was to teach the lost art of seaplane flying and ensure that the handful of men and women who graduated were the best pilots in the world.

They succeeded.

Today its called Flying Fish Float School.

The flyers call it:


About Us



I'm Chris! The lovely ladies with me are Amanda, my wife, and Rachel, my little sister. We are Flying Fish!


In the beginning

We started as a seaplane tour and training company. In the winter We offered an amazing half hour ride around sunny St Thomas in the USVI at 500'. Then in the summer we would come back to Missouri and conduct float ratings. 

It was an amazing start and a lot of fun! We met some incredible people and have forged life long friendships. But from time to time tough choices must be made. With a heavy heart we have decided to take a little break from St Thomas and focus on other areas of our business. 


What the future holds???

We are working on some really exciting things and want you to be a part of them! 

Initially we will be focusing more on training in Missouri and adding the No Limits Flying Club to enable you to use that training and fly seaplanes SOLO!

We plan to fuel our wanderlust by adding Guided Seaplane Adventures and sharing our passion for the Island Life with our most adventurous clients.